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Knowing if you are qualified to apply for immigration to Australia before you submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Australian government, as well as correctly filing your EOI and Australia visa application, can save you time, effort and money!


The legal team of AustraliaGSM provides its clients with a valuable service, by using its knowledge of Australian immigration law and its many years of experience in this field to evaluate their eligibility to apply for the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Worker Visa to Australia. This includes staying up-to-date on the latest Australian immigration regulations; knowing which occupations are currently listed as being in high-demand across Australia or in one or more of Australia’s six States and two Territories; being able to review a client’s resume/CV and other information to assess whether they have the education, skills and experience needed to be nominated for an eligible occupation; familiarity with the 36 assessing authorities and being able to determine which is the most appropriate occupation for the client to nominate in their Expression of Interest (EOI); evaluating whether a client is likely to meet the mandatory English language criteria; assessing if points toward Australian immigration could be granted for a spouse/partner; and calculating how many points a client is likely to receive and if they can expect to reach at least the minimum 65 points required to file an Expression of Interest (EOI) to immigrate to Australia.


In sum, the legal team of AustraliaGSM does all of the hard work necessary to evaluate whether or not you are likely to meet the various requirements to apply for immigration to Australia through the GSM Worker Visa Program. We have made this process easy for you, however, by creating a secure, user-friendly online assessment form where you can fill in the relevant information, upload your resume/CV, submit your details and then receive an expert evaluation of your eligibility to apply for an Australia visa.



Apply for Australian Immigration with Confidence


AustraliaGSM clients who are evaluated by our immigration experts as being eligible to apply for the GSM Worker Visa to Australia can begin the Australian immigration process with confidence. They may try to do this on their own, but many of our clients prefer to continue to benefit from the expertise and high success rate of our legal team through their assistance during each stage of the Australian immigration procedure, to make sure everything is done correctly.


The services we offer include: checking the documents required for immigration to Australia to verify eligibility; guiding you in having your English language abilities evaluated; facilitating your official Skills Assessment by the appropriate assessing authority for your nominated occupation; properly filing your official Expression of Interest (EOI) to immigrate to Australia; making sure your application and all the required documents are submitted correctly and in a timely manner when you are invited by the Australian government to apply for the GSM Worker Visa to Australia; and giving you personalized, professional assistance throughout the Australian immigration procedure until you are issued your Permanent Resident (PR) Visa to Australia. Thus, if you are ready to start a journey that could lead you to an exciting life full of opportunities in the amazing “land down under,” apply for your Australia visa assessment today!

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