Survey Finds Australia #1 Country for Millennial Generation

A survey of approximately 6,000 young adults from around the globe aged 18-35 has found that Australia is perceived as the #1 country for the “Millennial Generation” to live in.


The 2016 Best Country rankings survey was conducted by US News & World Report, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and the BAV consulting firm in order to measure the perceptions of people throughout the world regarding countries with the largest economies.


Around 16,000 individuals took part in this large survey, which examined 65 country attributes that were grouped into nine categories: Quality of Life; Power; Citizenship; Open for Business; Entrepreneurship; Cultural Influence; Heritage; Movers; and Adventure.


For the majority of the 6,000 Millennial Generation adults in the survey, Australia was the top choice for where to live, followed by #2 Canada, #3 Italy, #4 New Zealand, #5 Sweden, #6 Netherlands, #7 United Kingdom, #8 United States, #9 Ireland, and #10 Spain.


In the overall 2016 Best Country survey, Australia was rated as the #6 most desirable country to live in by the majority of the approximately 16,000 survey participants, behind #1 Germany, #2 Canada, #3 United Kingdom, #4 United States, #5 Sweden, but ahead of #7 Japan, #8 France, #9 Netherlands, and #10 Denmark.


Many people want to live in Australia because of its employment opportunities, laidback lifestyle, multicultural character, safety, freedom, nice weather, sunny beaches, availability of outdoor activities, healthcare system, educational options, environmental focus, emphasis on sports, family-friendly atmosphere, among other attributes.


Whether you are from the Millennial Generation or Generation-X, Australia has much to offer people from a diversity of backgrounds.


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