Splash of Spectacular Springtime Colors Delight Crowds in Canberra

From mid-September to mid-October, over 400,000 people from across Australia and around the globe will flock to Canberra’s Commonwealth Park to enjoy its annual Floriade flower festival. Since Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere (i.e., south of the Equator), spring occurs in September, October and November and its arrival is announced in Australia’s capital city with the blooming of more than a million beautiful flowers. Much planning goes into making sure that the chrysanthemums, daffodils, daisies, irises, tulips, violas and other flowers will bloom during the desired timeframe and using the chosen colors and patterns each spring. One of the highlights of Australia’s largest festival of flowers is the Floriade NightFest, which will be held at Commonwealth Park September 25-29, 2013. As the name suggests, NightFest activities are held in the evenings and include live music performances, comedy sketches, light shows, and other entertainment set against the brilliant backdrop of a million illuminated flowers glowing in the night.


This splash of spectacular springtime colors, designed to delight crowds in Canberra, is merely one of the many aspects of Australia’s national capital that make it such a great place to live. Located in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in the southeastern section of the country, Canberra has a population of around 367,000 and is the eighth largest city in Australia. In addition to being home to the Australian Parliament and High Court of Australia, Canberra (pronounced locally as “Can-brah”) is also known for its extensive natural beauty, many magnificent museums, top-rated universities and high standard of living. Canberra also has a relatively youthful and diverse population, with around 20% of the city’s residents having been approved for immigration to Australia. It is not surprising, therefore, that a recent survey conducted by the Property Council of Australia (PCA) found that Australians consider Canberra to be the second “Most Livable City” in the country (after Adelaide). Thus, if you are considering immigration to Australia and looking for a nice place to live, Canberra has much to offer for both individuals and families.

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