Have a Taste of Australia’s Wonderful Wine Country

June 19, 2013

When people think of immigration to Australia, they often envision beautiful beaches, vibrant seaside cities, or the rugged majesty of the Outback, but this amazing country also has an extensive and well-respected wine industry that includes over 60 wine-producing regions. Therefore, whether you are on vacation or approved for Australian immigration, you will want to treat yourself to a taste of Australia’s wonderful wine country!


In 1788, when Governor Arthur Phillip arrived with his British First Fleet at what is today Sydney in New South Wales, he brought with him vine clippings from the Cape of Good Hope in present-day South Africa. From that small beginning sprouted the oldest vineyards on Earth (since Europe’s vineyards had been decimated by disease) which would ultimately lead to Australia becoming the fourth largest exporter of wine in the world (exporting around 750 million liters of wine abroad annually).


If you are a wine connoisseur who is approved for Australian immigration or simply enjoy a nice glass of wine with your meal from time to time, you are likely to find several wineries within a short drive of where you live in this incredible country. Australia has over 1,900 wineries scattered across this vast island-continent in such wine-producing regions as the Barossa Valley and Clare Valley in South Australia; Hunter Valley of New South Wales; Margaret River area and Swan Valley of Western Australia; and Yarra Valley of Victoria – to name just some.


In addition to taking interesting tours of the wineries and enjoying wine tasting and spectacular scenery, you will frequently find excellent restaurants and charming outdoor cafes in Australia’s wine regions. Whether you prefer a sauvignon blanc from the Margaret River region, a shiraz from McLaren Vale, or other kind of wine (Australia has all wine types), you are likely to have a pleasurable and relaxing experience in the Australian wine country.

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