Immigrants Find ‘Fun in the Sun’ at Australia’s Beautiful Beaches

June 19, 2013

One interesting aspect of Australia being the largest island on Earth (and the world’s only island continent) is the fact that this incredible country boasts over 10,000 beautiful beaches! Approximately 80% of Australia’s 23 million residents live an hour or less away from one or more of these breathtaking beaches, which means that you and your family can easily enjoy “fun in the sun” if you immigrate to Australia.


If you settle in Sydney after being approved for Australian immigration, you will be treated to spectacular seaside scenery throughout Australia’s largest city (population 4.6 million) before you even reach the ocean’s splashing surf.


A majority of people would likely agree that Sydney is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, known for its magnificent sailboat-filled harbor, iconic opera house and many amazing beaches, such as Bondi Beach and nearby Manly Beach.


Moving to Melbourne? Not only will you be moving to the #1 “Most Livable City in the World” according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), but you will also be in close proximity to Melbourne’s many magnificent beaches, such as Brighton Beach, St. Kilda Beach and Williamstown Beach. Furthermore, only 90 minutes away from Melbourne is one of the top surfing beaches on Earth – Bells Beach!


Gold Coast is one of the top “beach cities” in Australia, attracting 10.5 million visitors annually. It is also a favorite destination for many foreign nationals who immigrate to Australia as it offers something for everyone. Some of Australia’s most popular sections of sand and surf are located in Gold Coast, including Broadbeach, Main Beach, and Surfer’s Paradise.


These are just some of the thousands of beautiful beaches that await you and your family if you are approved for Australian immigration. Whether you want to sunbathe and swim at Perth’s popular Cottesloe Beach; relax at the stunning Wineglass Bay Beach in Tasmania; or go snorkeling at Horseshoe Bay on amazing Magnetic Island in Queensland – you will have plenty of opportunities to experience the laidback lifestyle that this wonderful country is known for if you are approved for immigration to Australia!

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