Hiring in Australia Hits Highest Level in 8 Years!

Hiring reached its highest level in Australia since December 2006 during the last two months of 2014. Statistics reveal that 37,400 new jobs in Australia were created in December 2014, which followed an increase of 45,000 Australian jobs in November 2014. This significant boost of jobs in Australia dropped the Australian unemployment rate down to 6.1% at the end of 2014 and was good news for Aussies in the New Year.


While the overall Australian economy closed 2014 on a high note, some States and Territories in Australia saw more job growth and stronger economic performance than others. For example, a Commonwealth Securities (CommSec) report released in January 2015 stated that Northern Territory and New South Wales ended 2014 tied for having the best economies in Australia, while Western Australia had the next best-performing economy in the country, Victoria was ranked in 4th place, Queensland in 5th place, followed by Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania.


Australia has maintained one of the strongest economies in the world, even during the recent global economic downturn. Australia’s sustained economic growth over the past several years has benefitted the thousands of skilled foreign workers from around the globe who have been approved for Australian immigration and found good-paying jobs in the “Land Down Under.” Thousands of foreign workers are still needed for various jobs in Australia, including tradespeople and university-educated professionals. To find out if you and your family may be eligible to apply for Australian immigration through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program, click here!

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