Australia Ranked #2 in the World For Quality of Life

A new report released by the United Nations (UN) in December 2015 declares Australia as the #2 country in the world for quality of life. The UN Human Development Report 2015 evaluated the quality of life in 188 countries around the globe based on three major factors used in its Human Development Index (HDI): standard of living (as measured by per capita gross national income); life expectancy at birth; and mean education level. Overall, the UN researchers considered people who live in Australia to have the second highest quality of life on Earth, after #1 Norway and ahead of #3 Switzerland, #4 Denmark, #5 Netherlands, Germany and Ireland (both tied for 6th place), #8 United States, as well as Canada and New Zealand (both tied for 9th place). Furthermore, the UN Human Development Report 2015 also reveals that since at least 1990, there has been a steady upward trend in the quality of life for people who live in Australia.


The UN Human Development Report 2015 is only one of several highly-respected reports that all basically say the same thing: people who live in Australia enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. Although they use various factors to measure quality of life in countries around the globe, the United Nations (UN), Credit Suisse, Legatum, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Mercer and others all agree that Australia is among the very best places on the planet to live. This helps to explain why around 200,000 people from various regions of the Earth immigrate to Australia every year. If you and your family would like to live in Australia and want to find out if you are likely to meet the eligibility requirements for Australian immigration through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program, click here!

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