Australia #1 in the World For Youth Wellbeing

Australia is the best place in the world to be a young person, according to the Global Youth Wellbeing Index, which was released April 4, 2014. Researchers from the International Youth Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (both of which are respected think-tanks in the United States), evaluated the wellbeing of young people 12-24 years of age in 30 countries around the globe for this study, based on several indicators. They looked at such factors as health, safety/security, education, economic opportunity, citizen participation, satisfaction with their government, and access to information & communication technology and ranked Australian youth #1 in the world for wellbeing, ahead of #2 Sweden, #3 South Korea, #4 United Kingdom, #5 Germany and 25 other countries with advanced economies. In regards to some of the individual indicators of wellbeing, Australia was ranked #1 for education, #2 for health, #4 for economic opportunity and #5 in the world for the safety/security of youth.


Whether young, old or somewhere in-between, Australia is a great place to live and famous for having one of the highest standards of living on Earth. Australia is a country where a child can grow up safely, receive an excellent education and find great opportunities for high-paying Australian jobs. The “land down under” is also an incredible country full of possibilities for young adults and those middle-aged, who have many career options for jobs in Australia and can enjoy the relaxed, comfortable Aussie lifestyle, whether that involves exciting activities in Australia’s cosmopolitan cities or simply soaking up the sunshine at one of Australia’s 10,000 beautiful beaches. Australia is also one of the best countries for older adults to retire, spend time with their adult children and grandchildren, have the freedom to travel or go for walks along the sea, engage in interesting and meaningful activities and access quality healthcare. People who immigrate to Australia, whatever their age, also find this multicultural country a wonderful place to live for the reasons mentioned earlier and also because over 25% of Australia’s population is foreign-born, which helps Australian newcomers feel right at home. So, if you and your family are looking for wellbeing in life, you may want to consider immigration to Australia!





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