Australia #1 in the World For Middle Class

According to the Credit Suisse 2015 Global Wealth Report, Australia is the #1 country in the world in terms of the percentage of its population that is considered in the middle class. The Credit Suisse report, published in October 2015, evaluated 200 countries around the globe and found that 66.1% of Australia’s 23.9 million residents are in the middle class, with an amazing 80.3% of all Aussies in the middle class or above. By comparison, the Credit Suisse researchers reported that 37.7% of the 322 million people living in the United States are in the middle class, with 50.0% of the US population in the middle class or above. The Credit Suisse 2015 Global Wealth Report also stated that Australians are the #3 wealthiest people on the planet (after #1 Switzerland and #2 New Zealand), boasting an impressive net wealth per adult of $364,900 USD. By comparison, the USA ranked #4 in the world for wealth per adult, which was $353,000 USD.


What do all these numbers mean? These recent statistics indicate that the majority of the people who live in Australia enjoy a high degree of prosperity and they also reveal a low level of inequality among Aussies. Although money can’t buy happiness, it does help to make life comfortable for most Australians, as do Australia’s incredible cities, sunny beaches, high-quality healthcare, world-class education system, and relaxed lifestyle. In fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reported in June 2015 that most of the people who live in Australia are happy with life. This high standard of living enjoyed by the majority of Australian residents is not only experienced by people born in Australia, as approximately 25% of Australia’s population is foreign-born.


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