Aussies Appreciate Their High Standard of Living

The results of a recent survey of 2,000 Aussies conducted by National Bank Australia were released in February 2016 and revealed that an overwhelming majority of people who live in Australia are happy with their high standard of living.


In particular, the survey discovered that Australians appreciate the high level of freedom and safety that they have living in Australia, with access to quality healthcare and a hospitable environment also listed among the attributes Aussies like most about the Land Down Under.


According to this large survey, there are regional differences regarding what Aussies like most about living in Australia. For example, people who live in New South Wales consider diversity the best aspect of life in Australia; residents of South Australia highly value security; those who live in Victoria appreciate sports; and people living in Western Australia love their vast open spaces.


Australia has consistently been ranked among the very best places on the planet to live in multiple surveys and research studies. For example, the 2015 Global Peace Index rated Australia as the #9 safest country in the world, while the 2015 UN Human Development Report said that people who live in Australia enjoy the #2 best quality of life on Earth. Furthermore, the Credit Suisse 2015 Global Wealth Report revealed that the average net wealth for each adult living in Australia is $364,900 USD, making Aussies the #3 richest people on the planet (after #1 Switzerland and #2 New Zealand).


Thus, while many people in countries around the globe continue to struggle economically or live in areas with high levels of violence, people who live in Australia are experiencing one of the highest standards of living in the world. Not only that, Aussies are keenly aware that they live in a very special place and appreciate all of the many benefits that they have living in Australia.


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